Manu Jinakurnta – Land Management and Nursery

Address: Karguru Road

Office hours: Mon/Thu- 7am-4:30pm/ Friday- 7am-1:30pm
Phone: (08) 7903 600/ 0473255145

Project Description

We are focussed on our primary goal; to assist Indigenous people to use, care for, and improve land for the sustainable benefit of the local community.

Periods of cool weather have been ideal for the growing of tomatoes, lettuce and corn, and have given us the opportunity for further planting and yard maintenance. 

The team takes great pride in being able to provide fresh fruit and vegetables to Home and Community Care clients, encouraging a healthy diet through the consumption of pesticide-free produce.

Heavy wind gusts, rain and chilly weather have been a challenge at times, causing damage to infrastructure, but we’ve utilised that time as an opportunity to deliver training in repair and maintenance. 

Unfortunately, break-ins at the Karguru Nursery have resulted in the loss of valuable property. 

The Land Management and Nursery Team has a number of current contracts and ongoing projects, including: 

  • Wangkana Kari Aboriginal Hostels Limited 3-weekly ground maintenance; 
  • On-going Andrews Property yard maintenance contracts and private ground maintenance works;
  • Great Northern Real Estate Andrews Property Tennant Creek yard maintenance, waste management, weed suppression and landscaping; and
  • Private residential and commercial yard maintenance, waste removal and landscaping.

The Karguru nursery has expanded to include new gardens and is now producing a wide variety of vegetables and fruits.

Head Office

13 Maloney Street,
Tennant Creek NT 0861

Office Hours

Mon – Thurs 8am to 4.30pm
Fri 8am – 3pm


08 8962 2699

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