Our Story

As one of the largest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations in Australia, with a history stretching back more than 30 years, Julalikari Council Aboriginal Corporation has a long and proud record of community service delivery in Tennant Creek and the broader Barkly region.

The Corporation grew out of the Warumungu Papula organisation, formed in 1974. Its primary purpose then, as it remains today, was to alleviate poverty and improve the wellbeing of the Aboriginal people of Tennant Creek and surrounding homeland communities.

In the mid-1980’s, as more language groups came to live in the area, Warumungu Papula changed its name to Julalikari – a Warumungu word meaning ‘everyone’ – in recognition of the changing demographics of the region.

To ensure that the work of JCAC is relevant to the communities it serves, with input from across the Barkly, the JCAC Board consists of twelve representatives elected from a total of one hundred and ninety members, who represent twenty-four language areas from the South East and North Barkly Region.

The Corporation’s mission is to promote sustainable economic and social development in communities through individual and community achievement.

In addition to providing a range of housing, community and social services, we are the largest employer in Tennant Creek and the Barkley region, with more than 90 permanent staff.

Manu Anyula Parkamarri Wilyangka

Our Country, us mob, hold it strongly

Mappungku Anyula Maputarri

Together we will build,

Yiwaji Pinangkaltinjiki

Pathways to learning

Our Aims & Goals

Acquire Land & Housing


Support Aboriginal Culture


Control Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Create Employment, Education & Training

Introducing the new Living Strong Program

The Living Strong Program is a Tenancy Support Program designed for Aboriginal and Torre Strait Islander Housing in Remote Communities. This program will support tenants with improving their life skills, increasing their ability to manage their household and ultimately Living Strong. 

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