Pikka-Pikkakari Playgroup


Address: 125 Paterson Street
Phone: 7903 6023 / 0499 802 286

Project Description


Operating Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am–1pm

Children 0-5 Years

Playgroup Program Activities

The Centre Playgroup continues to provide services to families in Tennant Creek and surrounding communities.

Mobile Playgroup provides play activities each Thursday from 8:30am-12:30 pm between May and October. Families have a day out at the park with their children and meet up with other families.

The parks used for Mobile Playgroup are:

  • Purkis Reserve and also join with Sport & Rec facilities
  • Eldorado Park 


Playgroup also offers external services who engage families in sessions facilitated by Health, Education, and Parenting professionals, including the Anyinginyi Health Clinic’s Grow Well, Health Promotion, & Nutrition program, and the FaFT (Families as First Teachers) initiative.

Sessions, which last an hour or longer, are held every week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. A team meeting for services involved with the Playgroup Program is held every third Monday.

Playgroup provides other family support services through:

  • HIPPY (Home Interaction for Parents & Youngsters Program) for families with children Age 4 and 5 years old;
  • Tennant Creek Pre-school visits;
  • NT Child Health Nurse – Child Development Wellbeing Checks; and
  • The Dental Team’s Brushing Teeth Program.

Bus Service

The Playgroup bus service continues to provide transport services to those families with no other means of attending Playgroup.